Reason AEW All In Tickets Are Cheaper Than WWE Clash At The Castle

1 month ago by Sanchez Taylor

Reason AEW All In Tickets Are Cheaper Than WWE Clash At The Castle AEW

An update has emerged on AEW All In, revealing why the company has chosen to price the tickets in the way they have.

The August 27 pay-per-view will be a significant one for AEW.

Not only will it mark the company’s UK debut, the event will emanate from Wembley Stadium, an arena with a maximum capacity of 90,000 seats.

Ticket prices for the event will range from £30 for the cheapest seats, to £1,500 for ringside tickets.

Speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer noted that AEW’s goal is to establish their brand in the UK, and get as many people in the stadium as possible to do so.

Explaining the decision to run Wembley Stadium for the attendance, Meltzer noted:

“AEW’s trying to price (All In tickets) for volume.

“WWE was pricing (Clash at the Castle) for gate. And if you’re a business I guess you would say ‘let’s price it for gate’.

“WWE’s motive was ‘we want to do the biggest gate we can, we wanna maximize our gate’, that was the goal of Clash at the Castle.

“With AEW here, the goal is much different – the goal is to establish the brand, get a lot of people in that stadium so the company looks really big-time.

“And have that help in trying to generate whatever kind of deals you can throughout Europe. The goal here is very different – the attendance is the goal here, whereas with WWE the gate was the goal.”

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More details on why AEW chose to run their biggest ever arena for their debut in the UK territory can be found right here.

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