New Details On Top WWE Star’s Contract Expiring Soon

2 months ago by Liam Winnard

New Details On Top WWE Star’s Contract Expiring Soon WWE

Some new details have just emerged regarding two-time WWE Champion Drew McIntyre’s current contract expiring soon.

PWInsider originally reported the news last night that McIntyre’s deal was expiring this year, but not “imminently”, and that terms were not yet agreed for a new deal.

Fightful Select has now provided some further details and context.

Fightful specified that McIntyre’s deal expires “within the next nine months”, but still nothing more specific than that.

McIntyre has reportedly made it clear that he’s going to wait until closer to the expiry date before he signs anything as there are a “number of factors” to consider.

Furthermore, it was mentioned that there are several other WWE contracts that will be expiring before the end of 2024, as WWE signed a bunch of people to five-year deals in 2019 following the formation of AEW.

However, many of those names were actually released and brought back over the course of the past couple of years, so those contracts may not still be in place for those names.

WWE is said to be “eager” to keep McIntyre and “hope to engage him in talks later this year”.

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