Details Emerge Surrounding Matt Riddle’s Goldberg Confrontation

4 years ago by Andy Datson

Details Emerge Surrounding Matt Riddle’s Goldberg Confrontation

Over the past year, NXT Star Matt Riddle hasn’t exactly made himself popular with WWE Legend Bill Goldberg.

Riddle has openly mocked the abilities of Goldberg on social media, leading to him being blocked on Twitter by old Bill.

Booker T and others have expressed their displeasure at Riddle’s actions, but the “King of Bros” has shown no sign of remorse.

It is reported that the two finally came face to face at last weekend’s SummerSlam show, a story that was confirmed by Riddle himself on Twitter.

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter and riddle, the confrontation went something like this:

So, according to Riddle’s description of their meeting, Goldberg looked at him, evidently knew what he had been writing and said, “We’ve got some talking to do.” And Riddle said, “We can talk any time.” Riddle called him bro, and he said, “I’m not your bro.” And Riddle said, “Alright Bro, take it easy” Goldberg said, “I’ll see you later, and it was a pleasure meeting you (Bill has the attitude generally if people are dicks to him to in his words, “kill them with kindness”), and Riddle said, “The pleasure was all mine, bro.” And Goldberg said, “I’m not your bro.”

So hardly the most vicious of confrontations, but it seems as though the two are never going to be best friends.

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