Details On Future Changes To WWE Creative

Details On Future Changes To WWE Creative WWE

Vince McMahon’s sudden WWE retirement has led to a lot more questions than answers, as fans are eagerly awaiting to see what changes the new regime will lead to.

With Vince out of the picture, many have wondered about who will be leading creative in the company going forward, and it’s not just fans who are wondering about the future of creative.

Per Fightful Select (subscription required), as of now, Bruce Prichard is leading creative, with Ed Koskey also being a point of leadership, and Triple H helping t0 direct traffic at the July 22 SmackDown. WWE producers were told that Prichard was taking over many of Vince’s television roles for the time being, with nothing permanent being announced.

Talent that Fightful heard from were trying to find out who was going to end up leading creative permanently, with one noting that most of talent has a good relationship with Triple H, Nick Khan and Stephanie McMahon, and were looking at what creative obstacles they’d need to overcome.

As far as expected changes, nearly every talent that Fightful spoke to said that will be determined by who is in control, with numerous pointing out that if Prichard ends up taking over, it’s likely that not much will change in that regard, but if someone else is put in charge, the likelihood of forward progression is much higher.

One source within creative stated that they expect there to be less rematches, as they believed that Vince would like a matchup, think it made sense, and then later forget that they’d done it so many times. There were also some within the circle that claimed McMahon had issues remembering talent names here and there.

There were plenty of people that believed the impending leadership may not want to deviate from Vince’s vision out of “respect,” but think there are small improvements to be made that can make a big difference.

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