Did Sexual Joke Lead To WWE Talent Being Removed From TV?

Did Sexual Joke Lead To WWE Talent Being Removed From TV?

News has emerged over the last few days suggesting that Charly Caruso has backstage heat in WWE, which stems from the interviewer reportedly being late to film segments with top stars on Raw.

Following on from this, PWInsider reported yesterday that Caruso is expected to leave the company when her current deal expires, and is not expected to make any future appearances on WWE television.

The report from PWInsider notes that Charly Caruso was removed from her role as the host of RawTalk the week after fans picked up on a sexual joke that she made, although it’s unclear whether the joke was intentional.

The week after making the joke while interviewing Damian Priest on the show, Kayla Braxton was drafted in to replace Caruso. The following week, new interviewer Kevin Patrick began his hosting role with the show:

On Monday 3/8, Kevin Patrick was announced as signed by the company and immediately took over as the host of Raw Talk. The previous week, Kayla Braxton filled in for Caruso. The week before that, Caruso, during the 2/22 episode of Raw Talk, joked that she “liked DP” when co-host R-Truth referred to Damian Priest as “D.P.” Caruso has not appeared on Monday night programming the last few weeks as Patrick, Braxton and Sarah Schreiber have been handling interviews on Monday Night Raw.

It’s important to note that PWInsider, or any other site for that matter, is not explicitly reporting that Caruso was removed from television after making the joke, but the timeline certainly does add up.

For any additional information on the status of Charly Caruso in WWE, make sure you stay tuned to WrestleTalk.com.

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