Dio Maddin Removed From WWE Raw Commentary Position

2 years ago by Louis Dangoor

Dio Maddin Removed From WWE Raw Commentary Position

On the November 4, 2019 episode of Monday Night Raw, WWE Champion Brock Lesnar brutally attacked Raw commentator Dio Maddin.

Maddin has not been seen on any of the four episodes of Raw that followed to sell the attack. However, it was believed that he would be returning in the near future.

However, Ryan Satin confirmed as part of The Satin Sheet on WWE Backstage that the company has decided to permanently remove Dio Maddin from his position as Raw’s colour commentator.

Maddin will instead return to the WWE Performance Center in Tampa, Florida to train to become a WWE Superstar. This means that he will no longer be on the road with the Raw roster.

With regards to a replacement, Satin confirmed that former United States Champion Samoa Joe will be filling in for Maddin until he is ready to return to the ring following an injury.

Samoa Joe has done a stellar job replacing Dio on a few of the episodes of Raw since the Brock Lesnar attack. Joe is great in the role, and it is nice to see WWE finally acknowledging Joe’s tremendous abilities on the mic.

I was actually a big fan of Dio Maddin on Raw commentary and feel that he did a great job in the month or so that he was in the role. Let’s hope WWE’s permanent replacement for Maddin is just as good.



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