Dolph Ziggler Reflects On Money In The Bank Cash-in

2 years ago by Brian Joyce

Dolph Ziggler Reflects On Money In The Bank Cash-in

Dolph Ziggler cashing in Money in the Bank is one of the great Raw moments in history. Too bad WWE failed to capitalize on it.

Years later, Ziggler has had a chance to look back and reflect on that moment. Speaking on WWE’s The Bump, Ziggler discussed what was going through his mind during that moment.

Here is the quote, courtesy of Fightful:

“I got the go-head to hit my music and come cash-in and it could have been 30 seconds, and it would have been cool, but it wouldn’t be that memorable moment that the entire world, that has ever talked to me, has talked about. If you watch the Attitude Era, you didn’t hear a sound like that until that night and that was because it wasn’t my cashing in. It was an entire fanbase getting behind someone, who they could tell had it, put the time in, who they could tell was getting the shaft, left and right, backstage, and continues to, and [the fans] said, ‘we’re going to make this happen.’

When they did make it happen, the reaction when the music hits, is because of what they did and said. When I walked about, I wanted to be all business, when my music hit, it hit me like 10,000 bees stinging me. I love that an injured Del Rio almost had me beat three different times. It’s a thing of beauty, whether you know how good I am or you’re a fan of the business or don’t know what’s going on, you watch that four minutes and you live and die three different times. I don’t know if that could happen to anybody else. A good friend of mine, Justin Roberts, making the call, a shout out to Howard Finkel with ‘AND NEWWWWW’ Knowing that all happened because of the fans,”

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