WWE Star Wants WrestleMania Match With Conor McGregor

WWE Star Wants WrestleMania Match With Conor McGregor UFC

While Conor McGregor has long been linked to a WWE apprearacne of some sort, ever since news of the WWE’s upcoming merger with UFC broke, the McGregor/WWE talk has taken on new life.

McGregor himself would set the wrestling world ablaze when he would post an image in reaction to the merger news of him holding both UFC and WWE championships.

This led to an exchange between McGregor and Paul Heyman after Heyman would call McGregor a ‘Roman Reigns wannabe’, in which McGregor would respond calling Heyman a ‘grandpa’ and threatening to knock him out.

While McGregor vs Reigns would undoubtedly spell money for WWE, another WWE star is keen on a slice of the action also.

Monday Night Raw star Dolph Ziggler, who would also call out McGregor via Twitter two weeks ago, recently spoke to TMZ and played out grand plans for not only a WrestleMania match with the ‘notorious’ one but even a series of matches across multiple sports.

Ziggler told TMZ:

“Yeah, WWE and UFC, and he’s called us out a couple of times, so I appreciate that, and I can go a little bit, so I would still do it.

“Make it a best-of-three, octagon, boxing match, wrestling, fighting, WWE. Then set it all up for the [best-of-three] at WrestleMania. I mean, that’s just where the money is, but not everybody can go and back it up, but some of us can.”

While Ziggler has every right to throw his name into the McGregor hat, the extent of which Paul Heyman has called him out makes a match with Reigns a more likely possibility if McGregor decides to crossover into WWE in the future.

You can find Heyman’s most recent comments on McGregor here.

Transcript courtesy of Fightful.

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