Dominik Mysterio Explains Why He Attacked Rey At Thanksgiving

2 months ago by Ryan Coogan

Dominik Mysterio Explains Why He Attacked Rey At Thanksgiving WWE

Dominik Mysterio has explained why he and Rhea Ripley attacked his father Rey Mysterio on Thanksgiving – and his reason may surprise you.

Dominik joined Ripley and the rest of the Judgement Day after  turning heel by attacking his father and Edge at WWE Clash At The Castle.

On Thanksgiving, WWE uploaded a video of the two turning up at Rey Mysterio’s home unannounced, before attacking Dominik’s father and generally ruining the holiday.

On today’s (November 30) episode of WWE’s The Bump, Dominik elaborated on the attack and gave some insight into his actions:

“Because he had his Christmas tree up before November was over. Honestly, he doesn’t deserve to just be living peacefully, you know.

“I had to live with his shadow my whole life, so I’m hoping to cast a big shadow over him and just keep torturing him as much as I can.”

Ripley was also asked her thoughts on the situation, to which she replied:

“It was great. We went in there, trying to be nice, trying to be civil. We were hoping that we could have a nice little family get together and just have Thanksgiving together, enjoy it. But Rey once again shut the door on Dominik. He disrespected myself and Dominik by closing that door, so I wasn’t having it.

“Then of course, he called me a name, and Dominik snapped. I mean, that’s what happens when you’re a bad influence in front of the children at the table. He’s trying to take the spotlight for himself, and we’re not gonna stand for it.”

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Transcription courtesy of Fightful.

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