Dominik Mysterio Addresses Liv Morgan WWE Partnership Rumors

Dominik Mysterio Addresses Liv Morgan WWE Partnership Rumors WWE

The Judgment Day’s ‘Dirty’ Dominik Mysterio has addressed the rampant rumors of a potential partnership with Liv Morgan amidst Rhea Ripley’s injury absence.

In the five weeks since Rhea Ripley relinquished her WWE Women’s World Championship, WWE fans have spotted several curious hints that something may be brewing between Ripley’s rival Liv Morgan and on-screen partner Dominik Mysterio.

Of the most telling hints was Morgan and Mysterio being spotted exiting the same locker room on an episode of Raw, as well as Morgan being caught red-handed being in the possession of a purple bandana – much like the one Mysterio and his Judgment Day co-horts have been known to sport on TV.

During a recent appearance on the Masked Man Show Podcast, the show’s co-host Kaz put ‘Dirty’ Dom on the spot regarding the rumors, to which he insisted he was “innocent until proven guilty” and is only seeking to “protect” Ripley.

Mysterio said:

“I mean… That’s fair and I appreciate that (the fact that Kaz wanted to let Dominik Mysterio know what the people were talking about).

“But I think at the end of the day, everyone is innocent till proven guilty. And I’m just… I’m here protecting Mami. And I’m trying to make sure she’s good when she comes back and that everything is all set in order.

“She comes back straight to the top. Take her title back, no harm no foul.”

While much of the focus of fan speculation is directed at Mysterio, it seems as if he may not be the only Judgment Day to potentially be forming a relationship of sorts with Morgan – with Finn Balor being spotted exiting the same car as Morgan at the beginning of this week’s WWE Raw (May 20).

As well as Ripley, Dominik Mysterio is also currently injured and has sported a sling for several weeks on WWE TV.

For the latest updates on both Mysterio and Ripley’s recoveries, as well as Morgan’s future in the Judgment Day stay with WrestleTalk.

Transcript via WrestleZone

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