Dominik Mysterio Rules Out Match Against Rey Mysterio?

Dominik Mysterio Rules Out Match Against Rey Mysterio? WWE

Ahead of WrestleMania 38, Dominik Mysterio has given his opinion on a potential showdown with his father Rey Mysterio

Speaking on Die Woche with Sebastian Hackl, Dominik was asked about the idea of facing his father in a singles match.

Mysterio answered:

See, me personally, this is something that I’ve, you know, I’ve given a lot of thought [facing his father in a singles match] and before I started wrestling and like, even my first match I would say, ‘Yeah, you know, why not wrestle against my dad?’ But, after everything we’ve been through now and seeing our relationship, how it’s grown and just, you know, we — it’s just different now. We’re on the road together, I drive for hours after the shows so it’s like that bond that we have has only gotten stronger and I just don’t see that ever happening. I see him riding off into the sunset, like a happy dude.

Many fans have speculated about Rey having his final in-ring encounter against his son, but it seems like it isn’t something that Dominik actively wants.

Dominik Mysterio will team up with his father to face The Miz and Logan Paul at WrestleMania 38 night one on April 2.

For more information and details on WrestleMania 38, please click here.

Quotes via Post Wrestling

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