WWE Star Recalls Being Told To Smile More

2 months ago by Sanchez Taylor

WWE Star Recalls Being Told To Smile More WWE

WWE Raw star Dominik Mysterio has revealed the advice he was given when he first started performing with WWE.

After numerous appearances for the company, Dominik made his in-ring debut at WWE SummerSlam 2020, losing to Seth Rollins in singles action.

Dominik wrestled alongside his father Rey Mysterio for a couple of years, before turning on Rey Mysterio at the September 2022 Clash at the Castle premium live event.

Since then, Dominik has been affiliated with the Judgment Day faction, as a heel.

Speaking on the K100 podcast, Dominik noted that he finds his current heel role more natural than when he was teaming with his dad.

Recalling times when he was asked to smile more, Dominik said:

“When I first started with my dad, it just seemed like an over-exaggerated version of me. ‘m very laid back and very calm, and I just felt like I had to match my dad’s energy.

“So it was always very like, always smiling because they were like, ‘Dude, you got a great smile, you gotta smile more.'”

Explaining why he prefers his current role, he said:

“I felt like I had more options and more variety to play with as a heel and stuff. I did feel a lot more comfortable.

“Plus, when I was training before I debuted when I would do matches, I would always be the bad guy.

“I’d always be the heel working the babyface in training, so it kind of just came a little bit more natural and comfortable for me.”

Dominik’s most recent WWE TV match took place on the January 9 edition of Raw, with him and Damian Priest winning the Tag Team Turmoil bout.

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