Former WWE Star Explains Reasoning Behind ‘Departure Letter’

Former WWE Star Explains Reasoning Behind ‘Departure Letter’ WWE

Following his exit from the promotion, former WWE star Donovan Dijak has explained reasoning behind his departure letter.

On June 27, Donovan Dijak took to social media to post a letter explaining that he was leaving WWE when his contract expired on June 28 after the company decided to not renew his deal.

The social media letter gained a lot of attention with AEW, Tony Khan, TNA Wrestling and NJPW among those tagged in the post.

Speaking with Tru Heel Heat Wrestling, Dijak was asked to explain the thought process behind his departure letter. Referencing Cody Rhodes’ departure letter from 2016, he answered:

“Obviously Cody’s thing played a role, this is a guy who I was in communication with him at the end of his run as Stardust, and as he made that post and showed up on the indies, and the second indie he was on was a show that I was on, so that was certainly an influence because, it wasn’t the same story but it felt like a similar path in that, obviously he chose his, mine was not a choice, I didn’t choose that.

“I might have chosen that depending on the circumstances. The conversations I wanted to have with WWE were less about negotiating money and more about my worth as a talent, because I was at a point where I got called up to Raw.

“We did all this, we revamped the character, we recreated, now it’s time, everyone in charge knows what I can do, they know I’m ready and hungry to prove myself, so I was kind of just biding my time waiting for that to happen, and then we can talk about the money and figure something out and we’d be off to the races.

“That didn’t happen, I was on Raw and I wasn’t booked and I’m just kind of sitting back, so then it became less about figuring out my contract and more about figuring out my status, I’m going to use these negotiations as a time to be like, I’m trying to figure out where I fit in this vision, if you guys feel like there’s opportunity for upward mobility for me then I’m happy to just be where I was in NXT which was guy in the middle who sometimes floats to the top, but if you tell me I knock it out of the park every single time then I promise I’ll knock it out of the park every single time, and if you tell me that’ll get me in the mix at the top of the card and I’ll one day be a top guy and one day main event the pay-per-views, then fine, I can still do this at a high level probably for 8, 9, 10 years, so I’ve got time to prove myself, I’m happy to do that.

“If we sit down and have a conversation with the creative powers that be, and you tell me there is an opportunity to prove myself, then I’m happy to do that.

“Unfortunately we never had that conversation because, I don’t know if they got stuck on money or what, I was never given an explanation, but those conversations never happened in any capacity, so I don’t know if they made me an offer if I’d still be there but a lot would have leaned on the answer I would have gotten in those creative discussions.”

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On not getting an answer as to why WWE decided to not renew his deal, Dijak said:

“At the end of the day, people don’t want to accept what I’m about to say as reality, but it is 100% reality, and I respect it honestly, they might have looked at me and said ‘we’re sorry, this is where we see you, we’d like to pay you this amount of money but you’re gonna be in this position, we’re really not looking for a guy who has really good matches right now, and that’s pretty much all we see from you, but we’re happy to keep you in the middle of the card and that’s just where you’ll float’.

“If they’d have said that I’d have said it was a wonderful opportunity and I really appreciate it, right now at this stage of my career I feel like I’m worthy of being a top guy so i’m gonna seek a place that will offer me that possibility, because I don’t need it guaranteed in stone, I just need the opportunity, but thank you so much for everything.

“If we had just had that conversation, that’s what it would have been, there would have been no note, no disappointment on my end, it would have just been what I want to do, and then it would have been very similar to Cody’s story, but still not the same thing.”

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Donovan Dijak has since made his first post-WWE appearances on the independent scene and was reportedly backstage at AEW x NJPW Forbidden Door.

Dijak also expressed his disappointment with his WWE exit and had planned to re-sign in another interview, which you can read here.

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