Drake Maverick Discusses Legitimately Peeing On Cue At Survivor Series

3 years ago by Liam Winnard

Drake Maverick Discusses Legitimately Peeing On Cue At Survivor Series

Current NXT star Drake Maverick has discussed what it was like legitimately peeing himself during the Survivor Series 2018 event.

This happened during a tag match that saw AOP defeat the Bar, with Maverick in AOP’s corner and Big Show in Cesaro & Sheamus’.

What you might not know is that the fake pee gimmick Maverick was supposed to use didn’t actually work, so he had to legitimately wet himself.

Speaking with Metro, he said:

“I’ve been through many obstacles in my life, but peeing in front of thousands of people is probably the most difficult. Especially when the contraption breaks, and you’re only way out is to do so. I’m glad I am a hydrated young man, I will say that. Every time before I perform, I say a little prayer and I think to myself, ‘I’m nervous, I need to go for that nervous pee’. And I always have to have a little tinkle before I go out. I kinda held it in that day. What a day. You really don’t understand the respect people gave me just for being able to pee on cue like that. I will do anything because… I mean, it’s my job! My boss wants me to piss myself – OK boss! Whatever you want me to do. If Harrison Ford’s asked to do something when he’s Indiana Jones, I’m sure he’ll do what’s on the script. It’s the way it is. The only difference is Harrison Ford’s not handed the script on the day!”

Drake Maverick was released by WWE on April 15, but ended up signing an NXT contract and returning to the company.

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