Drew McIntyre Posts Tribute To Adrian Street Following His Passing

Drew McIntyre Posts Tribute To Adrian Street Following His Passing WWE

Following the news of Adrian Street’s passing at the age of 82, WWE’s Drew McIntyre has posted a heartfelt tribute to the British wrestling icon.

Taking to Twitter, McIntyre posted a photo of himself and Street, alongside a message of tribute and condolences:

Adrian Street was before his time, a genuine trailblazer and one of the toughest men you could wish to meet.

My thoughts go out to his wife Linda & the rest of his family and friends. RIP

Street’s impact on not only British wrestling and top exports such as McIntyre, but the grander wrestling landscape as a whole, cannot be underestimated, particularly when it came to the showmanship of the sport.

WWE would recognise this and produce their own documentary on the WWE Network in 2019 telling the story of Street’s career and lasting impact titled: ‘Adrian Street: Imagine What I Could Do To You’.

Street was also a guest of honour of WWE’s at the NXT UK Takeover: Cardiff show in August 2019.

Triple H spoke about Street in the run-up to the show, saying to Sportskeeda:

“Adrian, first of all, is one of the true legends in the business, not just in the UK or Europe but globally.

“One of the biggest names, his character his persona, his immersive adaptation and believe into what he did really took him to another level and he exemplifies the hybrid of what NXT is today, there’s a lot of old-school European British however you want to refer to it in there.”

We send our thoughts and condolences to Adrian Street’s family, friends, and everyone affected by his passing.



2 months ago by Jamie Toolan


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