Drew McIntyre Recalls Vince McMahon Suggestions For Sword Entrance

11 months ago by Taylor Sanchez

Drew McIntyre Recalls Vince McMahon Suggestions For Sword Entrance

Drew McIntyre has discussed the backstage origins of his current WWE entrance, featuring a Scottish broadsword.

McIntyre’s sword, named now known as Angela, played a key role in his SummerSlam feud with Jinder Mahal. The Scotsman typically makes his way to the ring with the weapon, stabbing it into the ground during his entrance.

Speaking with Cultaholic, McIntyre confirmed that adding the kilt and sword to his entrance was a suggestion from WWE management. Recalling Vince McMahon helping him to choreograph his walk-out with the sword, McIntyre said:

“The kilt and the sword came from a management suggestion. We started working on what I was going to wear, the colours, etcetera. Blue is my favourite colour so that’s what we went with initially, and then they brought the sword which was a gigantic, Scottish broadsword which is legitimately five foot long, and we’re trying to figure out how we’re going to do this entrance.

“I remember working on it on the day and not being able to figure out how I was going to carry this sword to the ring. I was initially going to carry it on my back but it just wasn’t comfortable. I took it to Vince McMahon and I told him my concerns. I was in his office and he took the sword off me, spun it around for a few seconds and stabbed it into the ground.

“He said ‘come with me’ and we went to the stage. Within two minutes, right from my feedback, he created the entrance I used up until about a month ago. It was amazing to watch Vince in action. You bring him a couple of concerns and he just creates an insane entrance off the top of his head. I was very excited.”

McIntyre is set to wrestle during the UK tour beginning next week. The former WWE Champion has called out WALTER for a dream match for when they’re both in Europe.

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