Dustin Rhodes Says Producing In WWE Is ‘Real Strict’

11 months ago by Sanchez Taylor

Dustin Rhodes Says Producing In WWE Is ‘Real Strict’ WWE

Dustin Rhodes has compared AEW and WWE’s backstage environments, discussing the differences between coaching at the former, and producing at the latter.

At WWE, there are a number of backstage producers whose job it its to help put together match plans for WWE stars.

Speaking on a vlog with Thunder Rosa, Dustin detailed several differences between the WWE and AEW systems.

stating that WWE’s producing vision is very strict, Dustin said:

“The other company is different. You don’t get to coach. I did with Lana and occasionally before the shows, but coaching here is way different than producing there. They call it producing there, we call it coaching here. It’s real strict. They have to do exactly as they are told.

“There are lots of things they can and cannot do. It sucks for them because they can’t spread their wings and do some really cool stuff like you ladies do because it’s so strict, ‘They can’t do that, we’re not going to do that, Dustin, that’s on you.’ Then, if they do it, I get in trouble for it. Very limited. It’s not the same there. It sucks. It’s hard.

Dustin left WWE in April 2019, before joining AEW ahead of the inagrual Double or Nothing pay-per-view. The former ‘Goldust’ last wrestled on the April 20 edition of Dynamite, losing to CM Punk.

At Double or Nothing 2022 on May 29, CM Punk will challenge for Hangman Page’s AEW World Championship.

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Transcription via Fightful.

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