Dustin Rhodes Responds To Being Referenced On WWE Raw

1 month ago by Amanda Savage

Dustin Rhodes Responds To Being Referenced On WWE Raw AEW

AEW star Dustin Rhodes responded to being referenced on tonight’s edition of (February 13) WWE Raw in a segment backstage.

A continuation of the recent theme of wrestlers insulting a Rhodes brother by deriding their brother and deceased Father on tonight’s WWE Raw.

After an in-ring segment with Sami Zayn, Cody Rhodes was minding his own American Nightmare business backstage when he couldn’t help but overhear an interview with Baron Corbin.

With Corbin noting that he didn’t really get the big deal with Cody, he went on to insult “his brother” and his Dad at which point Rhodes began his attack.

It should be noted though that the last thing Corbin said before getting landed with a Rhodes sized fist was a pejorative about Cody’s dog so – future feuds beware!

Now, Dustin Rhodes has responded!


“Everybody wants to be us. #RhodesFamily”

That was essentially all Cody needed to open a sizable can of whoop ass on Corbin however, not taking time to change into ring gear for a rumble.

Cody Rhodes beat Baron Corbin via pinfall, in what started out as a suit but ended up just pants and shoes, on tonight’s WWE Raw.

Elsewhere in wrestling, Dustin Rhodes is feuding with Swerve Strickland and his Mogul Affiliates faction in AEW, where they’ve also mentioned the family name. 

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