Wrestling Veteran Defends Ronda Rousey Following WWE Survivor Series Botch

Wrestling Veteran Defends Ronda Rousey Following WWE Survivor Series Botch WWE

Ex-WWE manager Dutch Mantell (fka Zeb Colter) has addressed THAT botch from the SmackDown Women’s Title bout at Survivor Series.

During the November 26 premium live event, Shotzi challenged for Ronda Rousey’s SmackDown Women’s Championship.

At one point in the bout, Shotzi attempted a DDT to the apron. Instead of dropping with Shotzi, Rousey appeared to grab the top rope, stopping herself from falling, but sending Shotzi for a rough landing outside the ring.

Many took to social media to blame Ronda Rousey for the botch, with #FireRondaRousey trending after the bout.

Speaking on ‘Story Time with Dutch Mantell’, the wrestling veteran discussed the incident, noting that he doesn’t think Rousey was to blame.

Discussing the maneuver, Mantell said:

“This is what I think happened. I don’t know if that was called in the back or Shotzi decided to do it on the fly but a move like that needs to be talked about.

“And I think what happened, I think Ronda let her go as far as she could, and I wouldn’t call this a botch because you only call a botch in what was intended to happen.

“Shotzi thought she’s going to DDT Ronda and Ronda had no intention of being DDTed to the mat outside. She held that top rope the whole time and when she went down she just held it so Shotzi took the bump in the floor.

“I don’t blame Ronda. I mean if there’s anybody to be blamed it’s Shotzi.

“But you could blame Ronda a little bit, you know, if she didn’t want to take it just have her do something to her and when she attempts to do it, reach up and poke her in the eye or something to stop it.

“But they went ahead. They both ended up laying there like two leftover steaks thrown out around the butcher shop and you couldn’t use them anymore.”

WWE plans for Ronda Rousey’s SmackDown Women’s Title challenger at the January 28 Royal Rumble premium live event have reportedly been revealed.

Transcription via Sportskeeda

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