Dutch Mantell Compares Dexter Lumis To Stone Cold Steve Austin

7 months ago by Sanchez Taylor

Dutch Mantell Compares Dexter Lumis To Stone Cold Steve Austin WWE

Dutch Mantell (fka WWE’s Zeb Colter) has compared Dexter Lumis to wrestling legend Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Lumis returned to WWE on the August 8 edition of Raw, being escorted out of the arena by security following AJ Styles match with The Miz. On the August 22 episode, Lumis abducted The Miz, dragging him through the crowd with a sleeper hold.

On Sportskeeda Wrestling ‘Smack Talk’, Mantell praised Lumis, arguing that, similar to Steve Austin, Lumis has some magic about him.

Believing that Lumis can be WWE’s next big star, Mantell said:

“I think Dexter Lumis is a star waiting to take off, I really do. He’s got that story with (Indi Hartwell). People are gonna like him, everybody’s gonna like him because he’s the guy who doesn’t speak. Everybody else talks around him, but I think people will really, really gravitate to him and that little girl helping him. He’s a star in the making. I liked him when I first saw him in NXT.

“I met that kid about, I don’t know, 2017, he came to TNA, I wanted to use him and they wouldn’t use him, but I liked him then. He reminds me a little bit of Stone Cold, just a little bit. He’s not overly big, but you can tell there was something there, there was some magic about him that I feel can be manipulated, manufactured.

“You can’t manufacture magic, but you can take it and amplify it to where it’s pleasing to the fans.”

WWE appears to have confirmed that The Miz is safe following his abduction, with the A-Lister scheduled to face Bobby Lashley on Monday’s (August 29) edition of Raw.

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