ECW Legend Tweets Controversial Chris Benoit Comment

5 years ago by Wrestle Talk

ECW Legend Tweets Controversial Chris Benoit Comment

We all know the tragic story of Chris Benoit.

A once-adored superstar had his name tarnished and a crowning legacy destroyed to the point where WWE won’t even mention his name after the double murder-suicide of his wife and son that took place back in 2007.

Which is why it comes as a surprise that such a delicate and sensitive subject would be joked about on social media. Early Friday morning, ECW legend Sabu made a joke at the expense of Benoit and the subject surrounding his banishment from WWE.

The tweet in question was posted by @briantheguppie, showing a recurring gif of Benoit receiving a Tumbleweed from 2 Cold Scorpio. While the video itself looks brutal, it was the reply from the former ECW star that shook the world:

Even with the history he and Benoit have – Benoit being the person who broke Sabu’s neck – this joke is in poor taste.

Sabu has since realized his mistake and has deleted the inappropriate tweet.

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