Eddie Kingston Issues More Comments Following Sammy Guevara Incident

7 months ago by Sanchez Taylor

Eddie Kingston Issues More Comments Following Sammy Guevara Incident AEW

Eddie Kingston has issued more comments on his backstage altercation with Sammy Guevara.

Kingston recently served a suspension following a confrontation with Guevara after taking issue with something Guevara said in a promo.

While addressing the situation himself, Guevara noted that Eddie Kingston took issue with being called fat in the promo, and claimed that the encounter got physical, with Kingston attempting to ‘pie-face’ him. You can read Guevara’s comments on the altercation right here.

Kingston has taken to Twitter to comment more on the situation.

Stating that he was in the wrong for putting his hands on Guevara, he wrote:

“Last thing I will say about my suspension. I was wrong in the wrong for touching another man’s face. Let it go!”

In prior tweets seemingly about the confrontation, Kingston noted:

“Never totally bury your opponent.” This is one of the first lessons about promos that Chris Jericho learned according to his first book “A Lions Tale: Around the World in Spandex”

“Trying to be the bigger person as they say. But come on man there is so much ho s**t coming out of people’s mouths.”

Kingston has now posted a final update on the situation, telling people to leave Sammy alone, as he is the victim in the situation.

He tweeted:

“F**k it ok then after this I’m chilling but leave Sammy alone. In the court of law he is the victim. Let it go and leave the kid alone. For real done with this.”

Per a recent report, Kingston vs Guevara, which was originally scheduled to take place at All Out, is no longer planned for the event.

For a full recap on what went down backstage between Kingston and Guevara, and the fallout, click here.

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