Eddie Kingston Explains Why He Really Doesn’t Like Chris Jericho (Exclusive)

10 months ago by Amanda Savage

Eddie Kingston Explains Why He Really Doesn’t Like Chris Jericho (Exclusive)

Eddie Kingston has no shortage of opinions about professional wrestling, especially when it comes to his pals Santana and Ortiz, and the rest of the Inner Circle.

In an exclusive interview on the WrestleTalk Podcast today, Eddie Kingston chatted with WrestleTalk’s own Oli Davis, Luke Owen, and Denise Salcedo about plenty of the hottest names in wrestling.

Not one to hold back an opinion, Kingston spoke about The Inner Circle as a whole, noting:

“Santana and Ortiz are a great team, why aren’t they World Tag Team Champions? Why haven’t they gotten shots? I love those boys to death but I get it, why only Sammy? Jake Hager is an MMA fighter, why is he not going for the World Championship? Because they all have to play second fiddle to Chris.

“The only one is Sammy… I don’t know if he sees something in Sammy that he was when he was the Lionheart or a thrill seeker or whatever, you know what I mean, maybe he was a d**khead too, like Sammy is, but that’s the thing.

“And it’s the truth, and I speak my truth, take it or leave it. I don’t like Chris, I think Chris is a carny. There you go. Period.”

Elsewhere in the exclusive interview, Eddie Kingston talks about his feelings about CM Punk and shares a deeply personal story about his relationship with Homicide. Continue to check back for more WrestleTalk exclusives with Kingston at WrestleTalk.com.

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