Eddie Kingston Slams Former WCW Star Over ‘Fat Shaming’ Tweet

Eddie Kingston Slams Former WCW Star Over ‘Fat Shaming’ Tweet AEW

AEW star Eddie Kingston has slammed a former WCW star over a “fat shaming” tweet.

Eddie Kingston has made headlines after being suspended for two weeks after a backstage altercation with Sammy Guevara over a “fat shaming” promo to build towards an AEW All Out showdown.

Glenn Gilbertti, better known as Disco Inferno in WCW, has earned a reputation for having very polarizing opinions on the current wrestling landscape.

Speaking on the matter of wrestlers on the receiving end of fat shaming, Gilbertti wrote the following:

“Wrestlers and fans need to pull a full stop on this “fat shaming” bulls***. The wrestlers being fat shamed need to put the effort in to the gym and diet instead of playing victim. Do the f***ing work and stop embarrassing this industry.”

Following the tweet going viral, Kingston was quick to respond and shut down the snide comments from the former WCW star.

He tweeted:

“You never did the work and the boys kept you around to laugh at you. I remember hearing the story where big show [Paul Wight] farted in your face. You ain’t a man.”

For a full recap on what went down backstage between Kingston and Guevara, and the fallout, click here.

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