WWE Hall Of Famer Almost Died Due To TV Prop

5 months ago by Ryan Coogan

WWE Hall Of Famer Almost Died Due To TV Prop WWE

WWE Hall of Famer Edge was almost killed by a prop during a WWE pay-per-view, according to fellow Attitude Era alumnus Matt Hardy.

Edge and Christian and the Hardy Boyz had one of the most famous tag team rivalries in wrestling history, often having matches with death-defying stunts and bumps.

However, it wasn’t a stunt that almost caused a fatal mishap for Edge, as Hardy revealed while speaking on an episode of his podcast The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy.

During their match at No Mercy 2000, Edge and Christian performed in their as Los Conquistadors gimmicks. The two arrived in their gold marks and outfits, but due to a mix-up Edge’s mask was only spray-painted a few hours before the show:

“They didn’t have enough masks when we got to the building. I wanna say there was one. They went out to a mall and bought some masks. I wanna say it was some famous Mexican masks or whatever.

“Adam’s mask, Edge’s mask, was actually spray-painted gold. He almost suffocated. He almost passed out because he was wearing a mask that had been spray-painted just a couple of hours earlier.”

Luckily Edge did not suffer any long-term consequences from the mishap, and still wrestles for WWE today.

The three other members of the match, Christian, Jeff Hardy and Matt Hardy, all work for AEW today.

Transcript courtesy of ITRWrestling.

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