Edge Opens Up About Challenges With His Current WWE Schedule

1 month ago by Jamie Toolan

Edge Opens Up About Challenges With His Current WWE Schedule WWE

Newly drafted SmackDown star Edge may be set for a change of scenery soon, however what is unlikely to change is his more limited schedule.

Ever since his shocking WWE return at the 2020 Royal Rumble, the ‘Rated R Superstar’ has worked a reduced schedule, to help reduce the risk of injury and wear and tear for the 49-year-old.

While this would be the presumption, Edge himself would actually recently reveal in a recent appearance on Logan Paul’s imPAULsive Podcast that the contrary is in fact proving to be true.

Edge revealed that the reduced schedule he currently adopts is actually proving to be more of a challenge for his body than his previous full-time run in the company.

Edge explained:

“What’s really interesting about that is because if you perform less, I find it harder.

“I used to turn 200 shows a year – there’s no way I could pull that off now, I’m 49 years old – but I find it harder to do one every three months or so.

“I got to keep up that, we call it the bump callus, right? Every bump you take kind of builds up a little bit of calluses.

“Well, you just get used to it eventually.

“Your body will – and we’re all stupid – eventually your body just gets desensitized to it and it’s amazing what the human body can put up with if you push it.”

Despite Edge’s struggles with the reduced schedule it seems likely that his time in the ring may be set to come to an end in the near future.

It has been previously reported that Edge’s WWE deal is set to expire this year, with the WWE Hall of Famer even addressing his likely time left as an active competitor during his sit-down with Paul.

You can find out Edge’s comments on his in-ring future at this link here.

Transcript courtesy of Wrestling Inc

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