Effy Wins Internet Championship At GCW Getlostalot

11 months ago by Taylor Sanchez

Effy Wins Internet Championship At GCW Getlostalot

During Friday’s (September 24) GCW Getlostalot show, Effy defeated Matt Cardona for his Internet Championship.

The self-proclaimed ‘Deathmatch King’ revealed that he intended to invoke his GCW World Championship rematch clause to be added to the upcoming title bout between Jon Moxley and Nick Gage.

GCW owner Bret Lauderdale informed Cardona that he’d have to earn his way into the match, noting that he’d only be added to Moxley vs Gage if he successfully defended his Internet Title.

Cardona accepted the challenge before taunting Lauderdale. Effy promptly rolled up Cardona for the victory, ending the former Internet Champion’s historic reign.

Cardona has since taken to social media, referring to his loss as the “New York Screwjob”.

Cardona first introduced the title during a 2011 episode of Z! True Long Island StoryHe had held the Internet Championship for over 10 years before Effy’s win.

Moxley vs Gage for the GCW World Championship is set for October 9 at GCW Fight Club.

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