Elimination Chamber Crowd Started Leaving Before The Show Finished

Elimination Chamber Crowd Started Leaving Before The Show Finished

There have been a number of varying opinions on last night’s Elimination Chamber main event, with some saying it was a great way of building Shayna Baszler as a credible threat to Becky Lynch, and others calling the match boring and poorly booked.

According to reports from within the arena, a number of fans left before or during the main event, and given that this was a show in Philadelphia, which is know for its hot crowds, this is not good news for WWE.

According to Bryan Alvarez, the crowd started turning on the show as it came to an end.

The main complaint on social media was that the match very quickly became boring as Baszler would defeat an opponent and then stand in the ring for a few minutes, walking around not really doing anything.

Supporters of the match say it made her look like a badass, but the modern wrestling audience doesn’t generally have that much patience.

It would have been different if Baszler had cut promos between the pods opening, but the fact that he just stood there with her arms out appears to have bored a lot of people.

Former ECW and WWE star Justin Credible had this take on the show.

It does feel as though Baszler is struggling to connect with the main roster crowd, and with Vince apparently going cold on her, it may be a tough few months ahead for the former NXT Women’s Champion.

4 years ago by Andy Datson


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