Eric Bischoff Claims CM Punk Is ‘Cutting Tony Khan’s Balls Off’

7 months ago by Connel Rumsey

Eric Bischoff Claims CM Punk Is ‘Cutting Tony Khan’s Balls Off’ AEW

As the backstage issues with CM Punk in AEW continue to be the primary talking point of the wrestling world, many names have chimed in with their thoughts on the situation.

The tensions blew up on Sunday night, when CM Punk, Ace Steel and the Elite were involved in a backstage fight, which saw Punk throw punches at Matt Jackson, and Ace Steel throw a chair and Nick Jackson and bite Kenny Omega.

WWE Hall of Famer Eric Bischoff, who has famously been in charge of a chaotic locker room before, spoke about the situation on an AdFreeShows special, where he claimed that this is the most locker room dysfunction since the days of WCW.

He said:

“So rather than put the focus on that [MJF’s return], and using the scrum, which is a complete f*cking joke by the way, but using this scrum opportunity to create some buzz, rather than focusing on MJF. What does he do? He goes after The Young Bucks. He goes after Hangman Page. Better be part of a plan, it better be. We better be seeing teams lining up now.

If it’s something like that, like if it’s something like that, I’m going to have some patience. Because we need to wait and see how that plays out. We can’t judge that, you can’t judge a movie before they shoot the first frame, can’t do that. But if it’s not that, it’s the most dysfunction we’ve seen since WCW’s most dysfunctional days.”

Bischoff continued on, noting that he feels sorry for Tony Khan during the ongoing situation, believing Punk to be ‘cutting off his balls’.

He said:

“I feel bad for Tony Khan right now. In many respects he’s setting himself up for this, whatever this is or ends up being, but he’s paying that cat lots of money. He’s paying CM Punk a fortune and CM Punk is cutting his balls off. Not only in front of everybody else in the the roster, the executive team, the production team.

Oh, by the way, his business partners, you know, like Warner Discovery. Potential advertisers, potential sponsors, maybe even if need be a potential network to sell their show to, should something go wrong with the Warner Discovery merger. For what reason?

If there was money in it, if it was part of a story, and everybody I just mentioned, including TV partners, are on board and understand what you’re doing, have at it man could work. I’ll be your biggest fan, I’ll support taking a risk like that. Because you have to take big risks to gain big rewards you just do and not all of them work out.

But you got to try and if that’s what they’re doing, hats off if everybody’s on board. But if not, and Punk is just venting his spleen spreading the heat around the entire roster instead of focusing on his opponent, which is business. Man, I feel bad for Tony, because that’s the kind of thing you can’t get back. Now, unless the story is f*cking phenomenal. You know, that would do it. But if the story is not phenomenal, it’s really really taking ridiculous liberties for no real reason.”

Bischoff finished by explaining why he finds Punk’s comments to be ironic, saying:

“One of the things that I found really interesting watching this back, is the irony. You know, here’s irony, in the sense that CM Punk is talking about how unprofessional you know, The Young Bucks are and by default, by the way, Tony Khan, as he’s sitting right there, undermining the company talking about how unprofessional, someone else is.

Don’t you find that ironic? Don’t you find it ironic that here’s CM Punk whose legend, if you will, has lived on primarily because of the wrestling internet universe in the people that are supporting him. And now he’s screaming, he’s yelling at reporters for reporting lies. I mean, I find it ironic. And I have to admit, it makes me laugh, how does that feel?

But at the same time, I do feel for Tony, I really do. This is not you know, when, regardless of whether he inherited the money or won in a lottery or earned it by, you know, figuring out a cool way to make a new widget, it doesn’t f*cking matter. It’s his money, and he’s putting it up, and he’s paying people a lot of money. And all I keep saying this, it better, better be for a good reason. Otherwise, if I’m Tony Khan, that’s the last time CM Punk sees a red light on while I’m giving them a check.”

It has since been reported that everyone involved in the incident has been suspended by the company, with the exception of CM Punk and Ace Steel, who will either be suspended or let go from the company in the fallout of the backstage fight.

transcription via Inside The Ropes

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