Eric Bischoff Embarrassed To Be Part Of Randy Savage Documentary

Eric Bischoff Embarrassed To Be Part Of Randy Savage Documentary

The recent Randy Savage documentary from A&E has not gone over well. Sean Waltman buried the doc recently and now Eric Bischoff has chimed in as well.

Bischoff took to his 83 Weeks podcast to say he was embarrassed to have been a part of the documentary. Bischoff, of course, was the man to bring Savage to WCW from WWE in 1994. Here is the quote:

“I’m embarrassed that I was a part of that [the Macho Man A&E documentary] as well. Just so people understand and know both Mrs. B and I shot those segments while I was still working with WWE and both of us still living in Stamford a year and a half ago. I thought because I’ve been involved with so many WWE projects, and I hope to continue to be involved, maybe or maybe not because I’m pretty vocal about my opinions sometimes. I like to think my criticism is constructive, and I don’t like to pick on individuals, but had I known what this biography was going to be, neither my wife or I would have participated. Had I known they were going to put Bubba the f***ing Love Sponge in this thing, I would have said thank you, but no thank you.”

The documentary has been called out a lot for their portrayal of Randy Savage and the use of people who Savage was not on good terms with at the time of his passing. The biggest one being Bubba The Love Sponge.

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