Former WWE Star Explains How She Can Use Her Name Outside The Company

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Former WWE Star Explains How She Can Use Her Name Outside The Company WWE

A former WWE star has explained how she can use her name outside the company.

In 2013, Eva Marie signed with WWE and became one of the featured stars used on the Total Divas reality show on the E! Network.

After numerous back and forth between the main roster and NXT, Marie was released from the company in 2017. However, she would later return for another stint in the company in 2020 before being released again in November 2021.

Speaking with T.J. Stephens of PWMania, Eva Marie explained how she has been able to use her WWE name outside of the promotion. She said:

“I don’t think I’ve ever shared this in an interview. My full legal name is Natalie Eva Marie. I just go by my middle name for my character. That’s one thing that is pretty abnormal, keeping your name, but the only way that happened was because all of a sudden Total Divas dropped.”

“Then Monday night, all of a sudden, it’s like, my name originally was supposed to be Melania. I dropped that out there because I don’t think I’ve ever shared that, but that was originally what was happening.”

“We were talking about names and things of that nature and Melania was the one that was going to be for me, and then all of a sudden, Total Divas I believe aired on a Sunday.”

“Monday Night Raw came, and my first time on TV I was valeting Natalia. It was just like, you know what? Eva Marie, because obviously, Natalie, Natalia, that’s not going to work, so we’ll go by her middle name.”

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