Every Cameo From The Corporate Money In The Bank Match

3 years ago by Tempest

Every Cameo From The Corporate Money In The Bank Match

The Money in the Bank ladder match featured a bunch of cameos throughout its duration. While some of these worked and some of them didn’t, I would like to believe WWE headquarters just has wacky characters roaming its halls at all times.

Here are all the cameos in case you missed any.

Brother Love

Vintage WWE manager Brother Love was the first person to make an appearance in the match. Played by WWE Executive Bruce Pritchard, Brother Love exited a bathroom stall to have a bizarre interaction with Rey Mysterio. He then proceeded to wash his hands while Mysterio watched and then Rey went on his way.

Doink The Clown (sort of)

This was probably the worst one of the bunch. To call this imposter Doink The Clown would be an insult to the great Matt Borne. This clown was dressed in a random dress-shirt with a cheap green wig and facepaint and was hidden behind an office chair while Daniel Bryan gave Baron Corbin and Otis the Yes Kicks. They didn’t even get Steve Lombardi to do this.

Stephanie McMahon

This was a weird one as Stephanie McMahon was clearly not actually in the shot. They filmed this with lots of hard cuts when Dana Brooke retrieved a briefcase full of money, which was hanging in the WWE conference room. Stephanie was obviously in another location as she told Brooke she hadn’t won the match.

On a side note, why was Brooke so stupid as to not know where the briefcase was when they have been promoting the stipulation for a month?

Paul Heyman

The next WWE executive to appear was Paul Heyman. Heyman appeared ready to eat a feast fit for a large family when the WWE yokels showed up. After some yelling, a food fight broke out, which resulted in Heyman getting hit with a plate full of rice. Too bad Brock Lesnar wasn’t there to back him up.

John Laurinaitis

Ol’ Johnny Ace made his on-screen return here as well. Sporting his classic white suit and red tie, John Laurinaitis appeared on his scooter proclaiming “People Power”, his catchphrase from his 2012 run as GM of Raw and SmackDown. Otis was busy examining some pies when Laurinaitis showed up so he threw the pie in Johnny’s face. It appears it was blueberry.

Vince McMahon

The best cameo in the match belonged to Vince McMahon himself. As Daniel Bryan and AJ Styles brawled through the halls of the building, they fought their way into a very nice office. They soon revealed the T-Rex skull on the wall and Vince then turned around from his desk. Styles and Bryan became quite sheepish as Vince told them to get out but they made sure to straighten his chairs before they left.

Vince then used a lot of hand sanitizer and went back to his legal pad. Perhaps the most amazing moment of the whole thing was Vince wearing jeans.

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