Evil Uno Reveals Who Is Not The Exalted One

3 years ago by Nate

Evil Uno Reveals Who Is Not The Exalted One

Tomorrow night, AEW and The Dark Order are supposed to reveal The Exalted One. In preparation for the big reveal, Evil Uno has created a list of who it isn’t.

Okay, well so much for great humor.

At least they’ll save on groceries since they won’t be feeding him more.

That reveal would have felt a little short-sighted.

They wouldn’t have been able to say the s-word around him on Dynamite.

So, now the question is who will be The Exalted One. Is it Matt Hardy? He’s been teasing going back to WWE. 

It seemed when the show was in Rochester, Brodie Lee might be a good bet. Maybe he still will be.

To see the full list of who is NOT the Exalted one, click here.  

Meanwhile, AEW has posted a new cryptic message seemingly related to The Exalted One

Can you figure it out? Let us know on Twitter.com

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