Ezekiel’s Dad ‘Ernie Jr’ Makes Appearance On WWE Raw

1 month ago by Liam Winnard

Ezekiel’s Dad ‘Ernie Jr’ Makes Appearance On WWE Raw WWE

Ever since the WWE fans were introduced to Elias’ younger brother, Ezekiel, on the Raw episode following WrestleMania 38, fans have been curious about the identity of the other members of their family.

Kevin Owens had this weird belief that Elias and Ezekiel were the same person, which the brothers put to bed on Raw a few months ago, even teasing the arrival of their other brother, Elrod.

While we never did see Elrod, we have now got a look at Elias and Ezekiel’s brother, Ernie Jr.

On last week’s episode of Raw, Kevin Owens made his return and powerbombed Ezekiel onto the apron, resulting in Ezekiel being stretchered out.

On tonight’s show, we saw Ezekiel’s family by his side in the hospital, with his father ‘Ernie Jr’ making his Raw debut, cutting a promo on Kevin Owens.

As you expect, he looks just like his son.

Written by Connel Rumsey

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