Famous Rapper Confused After Being Mentioned On WWE Raw

2 years ago by Nate

Famous Rapper Confused After Being Mentioned On WWE Raw

WWE Raw gets about 1.7 million viewers each week. Apparently, Cardi B isn’t one of those.

On the January 4, 2021 edition of WWE Raw, it was legends night and Torrie Wilson was approached by Angel Garza. She didn’t really have any interest in being hit on by Garza. So, she sent him on a mission to find Cardi B.

Turns out, it was actually the Boogey Man. Garza was scared and was pinned by R-Truth to lose the 24/7 Championship.

However, the more entertaining part of this was Cardi B asking Twitter why people kept tagging her in WWE stuff.

Several of the replies were pretty humorous.

If you continue to read her tweets, Cardi B stopped watching when the Rock left. She does like Sasha Banks, though.  So, in the end, much like Torrie Wilson did Angel Garza, Cardi B just didn’t quite return the love.

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