Fan Outrage At WWE Hit Row’s Top Dolla After Twitter Comments

7 months ago by Liam Winnard

Fan Outrage At WWE Hit Row’s Top Dolla After Twitter Comments

Wrestling Twitter has found its newest target in WWE talent and Hit Row member Top Dolla after a tweet he posted recently.

He tweeted:

Some of y’all favorite wrestlers only wear sneakers on-camera to seem “cool & hip” but in real life they rock vans and ASICS exclusively… but y’all not ready for that conversation

The tweet prompted a big reaction from people with most of them guessing who he was talking about, and when he was asked by MVP, he replied that he didn’t want to name “members of the competition”.

A lot of people took that response and assumed he was talking about the Young Bucks, and, being as popular as the Bucks are, Top Dolla has gotten a lot of hate for it from their fans.

People really, really care about shoes apparently.

As we’ve already covered on the site, the Bucks themselves responded by seemingly taking a shot at the entire NXT roster.

Top Dolla then started blocking the people hating him, you know, the logical reaction, but then people starting hating him for blocking people who were hating him. Excellent.

AEW’s Big Swole set a great example and demonstrated that comments like Top Dolla’s original tweet don’t need to be taken so seriously – because that’s almost certainly not what he intended – but Twitter’s gonna Twitter, so now everyone hates him.

Hit Row were called up to SmackDown in the WWE Draft and will officially be on the blue brand as of October 22.

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