WWE’s Latest Tweet Makes Fans Go Crazy

WWE’s Latest Tweet Makes Fans Go Crazy WWE

With Vince McMahon retiring from WWE in July, many of the Vince McMahon edicts in the company appear to have been loosened or been entirely eradicated in the company.

The main thing that has changed under the new regime has been the usage of the word ‘wrestling’ rather than the Vince McMahon favoured term of ‘Sports Entertainment’.

This was showcased heavily during Drew McIntyre’s recent promo against Kevin Owens, declaring both men ‘wrestlers in a wrestling ring’.

Well, it still seems weird seeing the company refer to what they do as, well, what they do, rather than their own term for it, so tweets like WWE’s most recent one are still interesting.

WWE today simply tweeted:


Saying the word wrestling is not the only edict change of the Triple H era, as wrestlers are now once again able to use their real names or names from outside of WWE, such as with Johnny Gargano or the newly rechristened Matt Riddle.


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2 years ago by Connel Rumsey



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