Fastlane Main Event CHANGED – SmackDown Live Round-Up 2/13/18

US Title Picture Becomes Clear

Yey, this again!

It seems we are getting another go around of the oh so loved Randy Orton vs. Jinder Mahal rivalry, only this time Bobby Roode is involved and the prize is the United States Championship rather than the WWE Championship.

Roode came to the ring for a U.S. Title Open Challenge, which was answered by Orton. Then instead of wrestling they had a little chat, which was interrupted by Jinder Mahal. After some shambolic banter about their respective placements in the worthless SmackDown Top 10 List, Roode told off Orton for attacking people out of nowhere. Disobedient as ever, Orton drilled Sunil Singh with an RKO, leading to Mahal hitting the Khallas on both Orton and Roode.

It looks like a three-way for the title (oh goodie, another multi-man . . .) is on the cards for Fastlane.

6 years ago by Wrestle Talk


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