Female Star Wants Intergender Match With Chris Jericho

Female Star Wants Intergender Match With Chris Jericho

A popular female star on the independent wrestling scene has said one of her dream opponents is AEW‘s Chris Jericho.

LuFisto, who has never signed with a national promotion, spoke with the Arm Drag Takedown podcast about her career, and notably her dream opponents.

She said:

“I’ve always wanted to wrestle Sumie Sakai from Ring of Honor. I’ve always felt with her Japanese style — and she’s really hard-hitting too, smaller stature but she’s so strong. I believe we could make magic together. I’ve wrestled Nyla Rose once, but I would love to wrestle her again. These are the names that usually pop into my head right away. An absolute dream would be Chris Jericho, because I think he’s then absolute best at what he does. It’s not just his gimmick. It’s real. I think he’s very, very good in all aspects of wrestling, and I think I could learn a lot from Chris Jericho.”

During the interview, LuFisto also discussed her admiration for PCO, who is still going strong to this day at the age of 52 despite being released by both the WWF and WCW over 20 years ago.

Speaking about PCO’s match with WALTER at Joey Janela’s Spring Break which she referred to as his rebirth, she said:

“All he needed was that one person to give him a chance. I was there live, and it was so incredible. I spoke to him after, and you could see it in his eyes. At 50 years old, he loved this more than ever. All he needed was one promotion — in this case it was Ring of Honor. Now he’s on TV, and he’s doing awesome.

“‘They’re too old’ [mimicking what she’s heard from some]… No, she’s experienced — and we need more of that in wrestling, specifically in women’s wrestling. Age is just a number. When you have so much love for what you do, does age really matter? He’s the proof. No, it doesn’t.”

LuFisto also went into further detail about women in pro-wrestling following the #SpeakingOut movement, as well as commenting on intergender matches. You can listen to the full interview with the Arm Drag Takedown podcast here.

4 years ago by Liam Winnard


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