Female WWE Star Wants To Compete For Men’s Championship

2 years ago by Louis Dangoor

Female WWE Star Wants To Compete For Men’s Championship

Sonya Deville has been doing some fantastic work during the COVID-19 era of SmackDown in her feud with former best friend and tag team partner, Mandy Rose.

Deville has been killing it with some brilliant promos over the last few months and great matches. Fans now are beginning to see Deville as a future Women’s Champion within the company.

While she may end up being a future Women’s Champion, Sonya Deville spoke in a recent interview with Forbes about the potential of her challenging for a men’s title.

Here’s what Deville had to say on the matter, not ruling out the chance at challenging for a traditionally male championship in the future:

“I’ve always been one for equality, whether it be gender, sexuality, race, religion, I firmly believe that that’s important and that’s part of the progression of the women’s evolution that’s taking place today. I mean, we’re in 2020, I think anything’s possible. And I would love to be one of the first women to kind of pioneer that concept.”

We have already seen WWE Hall of Famer Chyna win a men’s title (Intercontinental Championship) during her time with the company. Interestingly, Chyna won more men’s than women’s gold while working for the company.


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