FINAL WWE SummerSlam Betting Odds Update

5 years ago by Wrestle Talk

FINAL WWE SummerSlam Betting Odds Update

SummerSlam is today, and its massive 13-match card has led to many varying predictions. Of course, no prediction battle may be as important as WrestleTalk‘s showdown with those dorks at Cultaholic. But those making predictions now have some context to help them, as European gambling site 5dimes has posted their up-to-date odds and favorites for the weekend’s WWE event.

Even with new rumors that Lesnar may remain involved with the company, Roman Reigns is a strong favorite to win the Universal Championship at 72% (down from 74% on Thursday). However, this does not account for the possibility of a Money In The Bank cash-in by Braun Strowman or Kevin Owens – likely Strowman, who has a 74% chance to hold on to his briefcase.

Ronda Rousey’s chances against Alexa Bliss stand at at 76%. She is down from a staggering 86% when the match was first announced, which would have made her the night’s strongest favorite. However, rumors now suggest the small but not insignificant possibility that WWE may wait until Evolution for the baddest woman on the planet to finally get her revenge on Alexa. (That said, with the official announcement of Bliss vs. Stratus at Evolution, we still think Ronda is a safe bet.)

To cross brands, the SmackDown Women’s Championship match is close, with a slight edge on Carmella to retain, with Charlotte appearing least likely to win. A possible heel turn for one of the two challengers may explain this.

Also on SmackDown, odds for the WWE Championship were originally much closer than Raw‘s top title, with a retention by AJ Styles now an an implied 80% likelihood (up from 66% on Thursday.)

Shinsuke Nakamura is a strong favorite to retain his title against Jeff Hardy at 79% (up from 73%). Although Hardy has looked strong in the buildup to this match, the possibility of interference by Randy Orton means champion’s advantage may be a deciding factor.

The Miz is a 58% favorite to defeat Daniel Bryan, evening out from a previous 65%. Odds began nearly the same but drifted in the other direction for Finn Bálor to defeat Constable Baron Corbin, at 70% (up from 64%).

SmackDown features the night’s most significant change, The New Day are 58% favorites to defeat The Bludgeon Brothers, overcoming an original 54% odds favoring a retention by Harper and Rowan.

Dean Ambrose’s return looks to help Seth Rollins overcome Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre, as the return of his Shield brother bumped the architect’s odds of regaining the Intercontinental Championship up to 64% (though a decline from Thursday’s 68% might suggest rumors of an Ambrose heel turn are being considered).

Unchanged, Cedric Alexander has a 57% chance of defeating Drew Gulak and staying the top man on 205 Live.

In newly-posted odds, more shenanigans have given The B Team a 70% likelihood to defeat The Revival and hold the Raw Tag Team Championship. Also on the pre-show, the mixed team of Almas and Vega are 65% favorites over the husband/wife duo of Rusev and Lana.

(Note: We at WrestleTalk know that gambling can be a dangerous habit, and suggest that if you have any concerns, you keep the stakes to public humiliation through lip-syncs.)


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