Find Out What It’s Like To Referee Vince McMahon WWE Match

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Find Out What It’s Like To Referee Vince McMahon WWE Match WWE

There is some insight into what it is like to referee a Vince McMahon WWE match.

On July 22, Vince McMahon retired from his role as CEO and Chairman of WWE following an open investigation on sexual misconduct allegations against him.

McMahon not only left his mark behind the scenes, but he has also wrestled many times in the ring.

Speaking on his Monday Mailbag podcast, Mike Chioda discussed what it is like to referee a match involving Mr. McMahon.

He said:

“You’re stressed with Vince in the ring, you don’t want to f*** up. If he asks for a spot or asks for something like, ‘Hey, what’s next?’ you better, you better know it, you know what I’m saying? What I like about Vince is when Vince asks you do something, you say I can get it done. I remember the day he blew out his quads in the ring, just walking down to the ring, you know, he got in the ring and blew out his quads.”

McMahon was replaced by Stephanie McMahon and Nick Khan as Co-CEOs of WWE, while Triple H assumed all creative duties for the main roster.

Triple H has recently revealed what advice Vince McMahon gave him prior to his departure, which you can read here.

Transcription via Wrestling Inc.

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