Finn Balor Names Surprising Moment As One Of His Career Highlights

2 months ago by Connel Rumsey

Finn Balor Names Surprising Moment As One Of His Career Highlights WWE

Being a former two-time NXT Champion as well as the inaugural WWE Universal Champion, there have been a lot of highlights for Finn Balor in WWE.

Currently dominating Raw as a member of the Judgment Day, there are many moments that could be considered among the best in the career of the Prince.

However, Balor himself picked a surprising moment in his career as one of the absolute best moments.

Speaking with BT Sport, Balor discussed winning his first NXT Championship from Kevin Owens at the Beast In The East special back in 2015.

Balor went on to hold the title for 292 before losing the title to Samoa Joe at an NXT live event in Lowell, Massachusetts the following year.

The match never aired in it’s entirety on WWE television, but Balor says that the feeling in the building that night made the moment one of his favourite nights of his career.

He said:

“I remember the sheer surprise and shock of the people in the front row that just couldn’t believe what they had witnessed on a house show.

“That was a special night, just the sheer shock and then joy of the fans like having Joe as champ.

“For me someone who I’d learned so much from, not only in NXT but before that and we obviously have a very close relationship as well, that was one of my favourite nights of my career.”

transcription via Wrestling Inc.

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