Finn Bálor vs. Baron Corbin ANNOUNCED For WWE SummerSlam

Finn Bálor vs. Baron Corbin ANNOUNCED For WWE SummerSlam

Oh boy.

Last night’s Raw was a very miss-able show, but there was some pretty big SummerSlam news to come out of it. Only big because Baron Corbin’s involved, and he’s quite big.

I’d love to write about the great build to this match and detail how exactly it came about, but to be honest, the whole “this feud is just Baron Corbin calling Finn Bálor small” joke we always make… well it’s actually true.

So the whole thing started a couple of weeks before Extreme Rules, when, because Kevin Owens wanted to befriend Braun Strowman, those two were paired together against the odd-couple team of Bálor and Corbin. That didn’t last long as the Constable and Irishman couldn’t coexist and it broke down.

Then the whole “I’m bigger than you” thing started, and before we knew it, the two were going at it in a match at Extreme Rules, which the ‘Extroadinary Man who can do Extra-Ordinary Things’ won with a roll-up.

Then the size-related insults continued, including Corbin gifting Bálor his own locker room, which was a really, really, really small house because FINN’S SMALL LOL, which the former WWE Universal Champion dubbed “Finn’s Funhouse” because that’s not weird at all now, is it?

On last night’s edition of Raw, Bálor interrupted the Constable’s match against Roman Reigns. Corbin had had enough and was happy walking away and taking the count-out loss, when Bálor made his entrance, and shortly after Roman hit the OOOOOHHHHH AAAAAAHHHHHHH Spear and won. Then Bálor needlessly attacked a helpless Corbin, all with a massive, goofy smile on his face. What a babyface.

The match was confirmed later in the show.


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6 years ago by Liam Winnard


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