First WWE Stars To Pin Roman Reigns Have Interesting Connections To The Tribal Chief

First WWE Stars To Pin Roman Reigns Have Interesting Connections To The Tribal Chief WWE

WWE has now recapped the first five stars to pin Roman Reigns on the main roster, and two of the names in particular have got fans talking.

Since his main roster debut as part of the Shield in 2012, Reigns has been presented as a dominant athlete.

The powerhouse of the Hounds of Justice, Reigns was rarely pinned during his first few years competing on Raw and SmackDown.

Some things never change, with Roman Reigns recently passing 1000 days as Universal Champion. With the Tribal Chief last pinned in December 2019, it is unclear when fans will next see the WWE Undisputed Universal Champion’s shoulders on the mat for a three-count.

On Friday’s (June 9) Playlist video, WWE showed clips of the first five stars to pin Roman Reigns.

As has been talked about a lot recently, Reigns was first pinned in a Handicap Elimination Match which saw the Shield face off against 11 of WWE’s top stars at the time.

Interestingly, Jey Uso pinned Reigns in this match.

The Usos and Roman Reigns are on uncertain terms at the moment, following Jimmy Uso attacking Reigns at Night of Champions 2023, and Reigns ordering Solo Sikoa to drop Jimmy on the following episode of SmackDown.

While Reigns is expecting Jey Uso to fall in line, many fans have speculated that Jey could be the star to finally dethrone the Tribal Chief.

The second star to pin Reigns is just as interesting, with Reigns falling in a WWE Tag Team Championship match, losing his and Rollins’ gold on the October 14, 2013 episode of Raw.

Cody Rhodes was the second competitor to score a fall over Reigns, winning him and his brother Goldust (Dustin Rhodes) the tag titles.

Rhodes notably challenged for Reigns’ WWE Undisputed Universal Championship at WrestleMania 39.

Many fans predicted that Rhodes would walk out with the gold, but in a very controversial decision, Reigns retained his gold following interference from Solo Sikoa.

Rhodes still vows to finish his story, fuelling speculation that WWE has bigger plans for the American Nightmare to win Reigns’ gold.

You can watch the full video below, but the first five stars to pin Reigns were:

Jey Uso – Raw, September 23, 2013 

Cody Rhodes – Raw, October 14, 2023 

Bray Wyatt – Elimination Chamber 2014 

Big Show – Raw, February 2, 2015 

Seth Rollins – March 2, 2015

It is interesting that the first two stars to pin Roman Reigns in WWE are two stars who many fans are predicting will ultimately dethrone the Tribal Chief.

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