Flip Gordon Makes It To All In!

Flip Gordon Makes It To All In!

After his struggle to reach All In, Flip Gordon finally made it to the big time during the Over Budget Battle Royal, earning a ROH World Championship Match with Jay Lethal later in the night.

Unable to secure a spot on the card via traditional means – he had failed to defeat several stars in the weeks and months prior as per Cody’s terms – Gordon enter the Zero Hour contest under the guise of Chico and, one unmasked, eliminated Bully Ray to earn his spot against Lethal.


It wouldn’t be all Gordon’s night, however. Despite his best efforts, the ROH World Champion prevailed following a cutter from the top rope and Lethal injection. Along with Colt Cabana and Lanny Poffo, brother to the late Randy Savage, Gordon and Lethal thwarted the attempts of an invading Bully Ray.

Flip Gordon making it to the main card after such an emotional journey was just one of the highlights of an excellent and triumphant card.


WrestleTalk would like to know your views about Flip Gordon making it to All In. Did you enjoy his disguise as Chico? Were you rooting for him to capture the gold? Come and chat to us on Twitter and Discord today.

5 years ago by Wrestle Talk



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