Former AEW Star Admits He Didn’t Like Wrestling With A Mask

11 months ago by Andy Datson

Former AEW Star Admits He Didn’t Like Wrestling With A Mask AEW

Former AEW star Alan Angels has revealed he wasn’t a big fan of wearing a mask during his time with the promotion.

Speaking to the Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling podcast, Angels admitted he didn’t think the mask was a good look for him.

He said:

“Personally, no, I didn’t like the mask. I think it was a good look. I think it looks cool. But, personally, I didn’t like wrestling in it. It’s just uncomfortable and I have to worry about it staying on all the time and making sure it doesn’t fall off. You got to fix it so you can see through the eye holes and stuff like that. I personally didn’t like it. But like I said, I did think it was kind of a cool look for sure.”

He was also asked about wrestling against “Speedball” Mike Bailey, and joining Impact Wrestling.

“Mike Bailey is one of those guys that’s been on my radar for a long time. He’s somebody that I wanted to wrestle. It was really a good opportunity for me. He’s been wrestling forever, so the wealth of knowledge that he holds is insane. On top of that, getting to wrestle him for the X-Division Championship, which is in my opinion, in my eyes, one of the most prestigious championships currently today because of its history. When I was a kid growing up, that’s what I wanted. I wanted to be the X-Division champion as opposed to the World Champion or anything like that. I thought that X-Division was just so cool.”

Alan Angels left AEW just a few weeks ago after his contract with the promotion was not renewed.

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