Former AEW Star Alan Angels Discusses Potential WWE Interest

Former AEW Star Alan Angels Discusses Potential WWE Interest AEW

As 2022 has gone by, several AEW stars have departed the company due to contracts expiring, with the company not being able to reach a new deal with them.

One of the more surprising AEW departures this year was Dark Order member Alan ‘V’ Angels, who left the company due to contract expiry earlier in the summer.

Since Angels’ departure from the company, he has made numerous independent appearances, as well as working for New Japan Strong and recently making his debut for IMPACT Wrestling.

Angels was the guest on the most recent episode of Talk Is Jericho, where he spoke about potential interest in a WWE run. Angels admitted that he does think about it sometimes, but then stated that he doesn’t know if he’s ‘their cup of tea’ right now.

He said:

“You know, I think about it sometimes and I don’t know if I’m their cup of tea right now but then I still see that they’re bringing back some indie guys into the NXT scene. It’s something I’ve kinda thought about but I’ve never really seriously considered it, but yanno, you never know. I think for now, I just want to figure out who Alan Angels really is because I think I have the wrestling part down. The hard part is the character and the personality and all of that stuff and I think I’m getting it more and more as I’m doing these indie matches where I’m really getting to show what I can do in these 15-20 minute matches. I think I’m also starting to figure out who Alan Angels is as a character. I think for now, at least a year or so, I’m just kinda gonna do my own thing and figure that out.”

The change in WWE regime has led to former NXT stars from the independent era, such as Johnny Gargano, returning to the WWE fold.

Angels isn’t the only former Dark Order member to leave AEW this year, as Stu Grayson also departed the company back in May due to contract expiration.

transcription via Fightful

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