Former Champion In WWE Set For MLW Restart

2 years ago by Liam Winnard

Former Champion In WWE Set For MLW Restart

Major League Wrestling (MLW) has taken to its website to officially confirm that a former champion in WWE is returning to the promotion.

The returning star is Harry Smith AKA Davey Boy Smith Jr – or David Hart Smith in WWE – who was last seen in MLW back in May.

The promotion writes:

The 2019 Opera Cup winner and former World Tag Team Champion Davey Boy Smith Jr. is set to return to Major League Wrestling for The Restart on November 18th.

Smith was last seen brutally attacked on May 9th when CONTRA Unit seized control of MLW during the closing ceremonies of the Super Series.

Smith suffered a broken back during the attack and has undergone a grueling rehabilitation. Dr. Nelson Sweglar confirmed Smith has been medically cleared to return to competition.

As for what’s next? Smith wants to fight CONTRA kingpin Jacob Fatu for the World Heavyweight Title.

“That’s a huge match we had in the mix for pay-per-view before CONTRA disrupted our plans” said MLW CEO Court Bauer. “Since that time, a lot has changed… but one thing that’s been very much on my mind is making good on this title fight. We’re hoping to deliver on that at The Restart. I know DBS wants the match. We’ll see if CONTRA cooperates.”

Hammerstone is said to have recruited his rival Davey Boy Smith Jr. in Hammer’s efforts to unite MLW against CONTRA.

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