Former Champion Says They’d Be Open To WWE Return

Former Champion Says They’d Be Open To WWE Return

Melina joined WWE developmental in 2004. She would go on to hold the Divas Championship twice, and the Women’s Championship on three separate occasions while working for the company.

Melina (real name Melina Perez) left WWE in August 2011, with her last match being a #1 Contenders Battle Royale for the Divas Championship, which was won by Hall of Famer Beth Phoenix.

After doing some work on the independent scene following her WWE release, Melina went on to join the NWA last year. She made her in-ring debut for the promotion in December.

Well during an interview with Denise Salcedo of Instinct Culture, Melina said that she’d be open to making a return to WWE in the future:

“I always say everything will happen if it’s meant to happen. If an opportunity shows up, of course, like who wouldn’t? But if there’s never an opportunity I am okay with that too, I am thankful for what I’ve been able to do, because I didn’t even think I would be able to do that. I never in my wildest dreams, ever thought that I would be on TV or that I would have a video game or an action figure, or be in magazines in England, Australia, Mexico and different parts of other countries… I never thought I could do that, that that would be me. So all this, I am happy, I am very grateful.”

During the interview, Melina also opened up about the future of the NWA, after reports that the promotion is considering closing:

“…With one person{reference to David Lagana}, it doesn’t have to hit the whole entire company. Whatever everybody chooses, I stand behind it and I understand but I have faith and I know what NWA is capable of. I know that the fans will be supportive, that the wrestlers will be supportive. And as long as we all have each other that’s all that matters….”

You can check out Denise’s full interview with Melina by clicking here or watching the video below.


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